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Our Services

Full Calibration List

Air Meters (Calibrate/Repair)
Beam Testers
Brinell Hardness Testers
Compression / UTM Testing Machines (to 1M LBS)
Vebe Consistometer

Dial Indicators
Feeler Gauges
Load Cells
Load Rings
Pipe Testers
Planeness Check of Platen
Vibration Table

Pore Pressure Transducers
Proving Rings
Recorder or Strain Rate Indicators
Rockwell Hardness Testers
Scales (up to 300lb OR 78k gm)
Schmitt Hammers (Calibrate/Repair)
Spring Testers
Stress Jacks
Vacuum Gauges
Gyratony Compactor

Below is a partial list of our scope of calibration transfer standards and the accreditation bodies that our vendors are using for compliance to ISO IEC 17025:



Morehouse Instrument Company - A2LA Lab# 1398.01
Architectural Testing Inc. - IAS  Lab# CL-118


Qual-Tech Labs - Perry Johnson Laboratory Accreditation Lab# L11-110


Quality Calibration Service - A2LA Lab# 462.01


Pro-Lab - A2LA Lab # 1591.01

Repairs / Parts

We carry replacement parts for the machines we service:  o-rings, valves and valve parts, hydraulic hoses and fittings, replacement digital systems, and many other hardware items.  Our relationship with multiple part suppliers allows us to offer you competitive pricing.  We can repair and calibrate your machine during the same service trip saving you money and down time.


We have extensive experience in replacement systems and upgrades.  Some of the services we provide include: conversion from gauge to digital readouts, automated collection of data, computer-generated graphs, new testing machine setup and training, and consulting on new or replacement testing equipment. If you would like a competitive quote for an upgrade or new equipment, please click the Quote button below or call our office (618) 644-0329.

Air Meters

We service/calibrate Air Meters in house.  We can provide minor to major overhauls to your air meter which includes replacing parts, cleaning and calibrating your device.  Please contact us today for a customized quote.